Book Arts

Accordion Book.

Edition of 4

The idea for this book derived from my love of people, photography, and architecture. The central idea revolves around having a base structure that supports people from all walks of life. I created my own architecture that would support people whom I have known for various amounts of time. The book starts with an Image of a person, Helen, that I met for 3 minutes while I was taking her photo (You can see the original photo in an earlier post). Then gradually I present images of people that I have known for longer amounts of time, from 7 months to 3 years. The book ends with me since only I have the most accurate clue of my own structure as person. 

The images of people were screen printed onto colored canson paper. The actual structure was drawn, cut out, and then re-positioned to create 3 plates (one for each color paper) that were pressure printed on a letter press. The colors are inspired by 80’s pastels and illustrations by Patrick Nagel (